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1985, Cervecería La Marina

When we talk about La Marina, we are not only talking about that mythical port promenade, close to the sea, with its boats and its seagulls squawking in the distance. We also think of that sky reflected in all the galleries that run along the avenue. And that was the image with which, in 1985, we opened our doors under the name: Cervecería La Marina.

At that time we were easily recognised by our own galleries that welcomed our customers as soon as they entered, from where in our kitchen we would poke our heads out to say hello. Another second gallery marked the back of the premises, past the bar and the dining room with its barrels and stone walls, which filled the atmosphere with a marine ambience.

Over time, our family grew and with it our history, and with the opening of a second dining room, we welcomed more diners to share our experiences with. And so it was for many years, until, after the retirement of our main founders of the establishment, Lino and Mari, 2021 arrived.

2021, La Marina by María

María, his daughter, adds a more personal touch. This is how La Marina by María was born. With the same affection of our origins and also the same enthusiasm, María creates a close and familiar atmosphere. Crowning the entrance of the premises with our most special moments, we remember from La Marina by María that it is very important to know where we come from to know where we are going, and it is there where we will be waiting for you.